How To Wear Your Beanie

Slouchy, chunky knit, fitted, with, or without pom-poms.
There are so many styles of beanies, and so many ways to wear your beanie.
I mean... You can have your hair up, you can leave it down, have it braided, have it in a low ponytail, or in a messy bun, and a beanie will still look great, whilst also being a piece of fashion to keep you warm, or help keep you feeling closer to yourself minds-self.
It doesn't matter what your hair type, a beanie will suit anyone... even our beloved puppy (as you can see :D).
If you were to try a few different styles, and fits, by wearing them in different ways, you may find the one, or two, or hey... maybe even three.
Here are a few tips:
1. For the classic beanie look, you would normally cover your forehead and ears.
2. The best way to wear your slouchy beanie, I find, is to have your fringe out to the side.
3. In my experience, getting that great slouchy beanie look, relies on your beanie not being too slouchy, and not being too tight.
4. It might take time to adjust yourself to your new look, but once it feels right, it feels right!